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Here are a few answers to our most common questions. We do our best to solve any issue in under 2 hours.

How can i download and activate the mac app?

You can find the Mac App in the downloaded zip after you purchased Smashicons Mighty License. If you purchased Smashicons before 15 October 2015, you will receive an e-mail containing an activation code for the app and also a download link for the latest updated Smashicons files. As this process is done manually by our team for the past buyers, please be patient because everyone will receive their code and updated files.

Can I use the Smashicons Free Icon Pack in commercial projects?

Yes, you can use the Smashicons Free Icon Pack in only 1 (one) commercial or personal project with a limit of 10 icons per attribution.

How can I change the size or color of an icon in Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator?

In Sketch you can change the color of the icons by selecting the specific layer which you want to change and recolor either the “stroke” or the “fill” brackets in the right contextual menu.

In Illustrator you can change the color of the icons by selecting the specific shape or curve which you want to change and using the color palette to recolor the element you want to change.

In Photoshop you can change the color of the icons by selecting the specific layer which you want to change and using the color overlay, recolor the icon you want to change.

How can I find an icon?

In Sketch and Photoshop, since each of our icons has been properly named an organized, you can search it by it’s name and it will display the icon you were looking for in the layer search widget. In Illustrator you will need to look for it manually but we provided you with properly named labels under every icon. Also you can always use the OS search function to find icons in the SVG and PNG folders. In the near future all of this hassle will be solved with an awesome app.

How do I export icons in Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator?

We've already provided all icons in all possible exportable extensions, but you can always make adjustments on the icons and reexport. For Illustrator and Photoshop you will need to go to the “File” tab, click export and choose whichever format you wish for. For Sketch you will need to select the icons you want to export, click on the bottom right corner on “Make Exportable” and choose whichever size or format you wish for. In near future we will provide an detailed tutorial for this.

Why don't you offer the standard @1x size?

Because with the new iOS standards and iPhone retina displays this size is not used anymore.

I need a couple of icons that are not included. Can you make them?

You can suggest which icons you want us to create next on using the suggest page and we will happily do it for free. If you need exclusive custom icons then you'll need to email us your project details and we will take care of it (this is a paid service).

What icon sizes do you support?

For now we are offering all sizes needed to build an iOS app. 60px, 90px and 120px (for extreme cases). In the future we plan to release the standard old @1x(30px) and to port the icons on Android sizes.

I purchased a license and I've lost my downloaded files.

Email us and we will resend you the download link in minutes. Please provide the email used for the purchase process. (if it's different from the one that you are emailing us.)

Where can I download my purchases?

After the purchase process you will receive your custom download link on you email. (the one used on the purchase form). On this same email you'll receive all future updates of the Smashicons Icon Set.

Are you planning on adding new sets of icons?

We are planning to release a new category each month from now on until we cover every translatable idea out there.

What is the difference between the Freelancer License and the Agency License?

The Smashicons Freelancer License allows you to use a maximum of 100 icons on 5 (five) separate commercial or personal projects.

The Smashicons Agency License allows you to use a maximum of 200 icons on an unlimited number of commercial Projects. Also you have priority in contacting and us solving the future possible problems that you will encounter. Also we will make custom icons upon request for Agency License owners.

Can I buy a single icon or a category?

No. Not for now. We sell Smashicons as a whole package only. In the future we plan to offer a service for this.

How will I get my updates after I've purchased a license.

With every update you will receive the new Smashicons Icons on the same email used for the purchase.

Can I include Smashicons in items for sale on Themeforest or Creative Market?

No. It is absolutely forbidden to use Smashicons Freelancer License or Smashicons Agency License in creating products that are for sale on Themeforest and Creative Market. In order to use Smashicons for this types of projects you need to purchase a extended license. Email us for a price quote.

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