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What's Cooking: 30 April - We will release 2400 New Icons (300x8).
Latest Update: 30 March - We released 2400 New Icons (300x8).

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  • Creative freedom for all Apple platforms

    Either you design or develop an application for the Apple tvOS or the latest iOS 9, Apple watchOS or El Capitan Apple OS, Smashicons will provide you with state of the art icons following the Apple "Human Interface Guidelines" for your creative projects.

  • Awesome Web App for Windows Users

    Navigate through all of our icons and choose which ones fit your creative project directly from your browser. Use your creative freedom and boost your workflow using Smashicons to make awesome apps and creative projects!

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Unprecedented quality in iconography 

  • Editable Vectors

    Illustrator or Sketch you have the freedom to choose how you can mold our icons to fit your creative needs.

  • 8 Unique Styles

    Smashicons comes in 8 styles: "outline" for mobile, "solid" for hover, "webby", "flat", "yellow", "retro", "greyscale"or "cartoony" for creative projects.

  • Xcode Ready

    Drop the icons into your xCode projects, because we offer distinct high-quality SVG files for each one of our icons.

  • Ever-growing Icon Set

    5640 icons (an ever-growing number) in 8 distinctive styles. That's 45,120 icons with many more being developed along the way.

  • Built for All major software platforms and apps.

    We applied the same attention for detail for Sketch and Illustrator resulting the same exceptional quality in all formats.

  • Smart adaptive icon thickness

    Smashicons allows you to customize the stroke width and style, not to mention that you can change the color of the elements.

  • Perfect icons on pixel-perfect grids

    We carefully crafted the icons on a standard 60px grid which gives each icon consistency and crispness on all displays.

  • No compromise with semantic SVGs

    Smashicons includes SVGs which makes our icons scalable, SEO friendly, lightweight and resolution independent.

  • Consistent quality on all sizes and shapes

    Ready to be used out of the box with clean and ready to be used SVGs corresponding to Top iOS Design Standards.

  • Easy to find icons for fast and easy use

    Smashicons comes also with AI, and Sketch master files, clustered into folders, properly named and organized.

  • Best icons comes with premium support

    We are here whenever you need help and we'll try to do our best to respond to all of your requests as fast as possible.

  • You can always requests what icons you need

    Your opinion is always important, because we welcome any good idea. Keep in mind that we will select only the best.

Share and get rewarded

Share a cool fact or your opinion about Smashicons, send in a note and get back some handy bonus icons as our way of saying thanks.

 We like versatility so we made Smashicons multi-platform compatible

For maximum performance and utility we built Smashicons to support all major design, development and productivity apps. This way you will have maximum creativity and editing capabilities on all software formats.

  • The Largest and Most Distinct Icon Pack in the World

    We took the challenge to translate profound thoughts into icons by making the world’s biggest and most complete icon collection.

One License to rule them all.

One time buy - unlimited uses and users and lifetime updates. No complicated terms and conditions or subscription fees. You pay once and you get all updates for free. Just keep it safe and use it as much as you can. Boost your creativity in a simple manner.

Huge icon collection

Smashicons is the only icon set that offers you 5640 icons in 8 distinctive styles. That's 45,120 icons ready to be used in any creative project. And this is only the beginning. Smashicons is an ever-growing icon set.

Trusted by World - Class Companies

World-Class icons come with fast  world-class support

We are here whenever you need help and we'll try to do our best to respond to all of your requests as fast as possible.

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