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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Basics

  • What is Smashicons?

    Smashicons is the only icon set that offers you 26500 icons in 8 distinctive styles. That's 212,236 icons ready to be used in any creative project.

  • How can I change the size or Color of an icon in Sketch or Illustrator?

    In Sketch you can change the color of the icons by selecting the specific layer which you want to change and recolor either the “stroke” or the “fill” brackets in the right contextual menu. In Illustrator you can change the color of the icons by selecting the specific shape or curve which you want to change and using the color palette to recolor the element you want to change.

  • How Can I find an Icon?

    Go to your user Dashboard and access the My Purchases section and there you will find all of your purchased icons.

    In Sketch, since each of our icons has been properly named an organized, you can search it by it’s name and it will display the icon you were looking for in the layer search widget. In Illustrator you will need to look for it manually but we provided you with properly named labels under every icon. Also you can always use the OS search function to find icons in the SVG folders.

  • How many times can I download an Icon?

    Once you purchased an Icon or a category you can download them as many times as you want.

  • Can I get a refund once I bought a Smashicons asset?

    No, Smashicons is using a No Refund Policy which can also be found here

  • What is the Smashicons Pro License?

    The Pro License is a one time buy unlimited uses and lifetime updates license. No complicated terms and conditions or subscription fees. You pay once and get all updates for free. Just keep it safe and use it as much as you can. Boost your creativity in a simple manner.

  • Where Can I Download My Purchases?

    After the purchase process is complete you can find the icons that you bought in the My Purchases section in the user Dashboard.

  • Are you planning to add more icons to the set in the future?

    We are planning to release a new category each month from now on until we cover every translatable idea out there.

  • Can I include Smashicons assets in items for sale on other platforms? (ui8, Creative Market, Themeforest etc.)

    No. It is absolutely forbidden to use Smashicons in creating products that are for sale on other platforms like Themeforest and Creative Market. In order to use Smashicons for this types of projects you need to purchase a extended license. Email us for a price quote.

UNLOCK + 212,236 ICONS with Smashicons PRO

This is the last icon set that you will ever buy. Smashicons has you covered in any creative scenario that you will encounter when creating your projects. Forget the “Icon Issue” and focus on developing the app and websites that you desire.

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